Today life is adversely affecting the human mind and body cause of envionmental pollution and mechnical pollution.Increase in the occurrence of a wide variety of diseases and the ruin of moral values adding to stress, strain, hatred, jealousy, lust, enmity and violence witnessed in our daily interactions with people stand as proofs of this deplorable state of life. The remedies which appeared effective only a few year ago have now started inducing side effects which are unacceptable.

They are spread of up to and unless the environmental toxins and the demoralising factors are neutralised at the same rate with which, there is little hope of healthy survival. Maintaining the ecological balance, purifying the environment and developing healthy body and mind are the tasks from each and every individual which are demanding timely action . A  Agnihotra called Balivaishva is a practice, which can be considered as the cheapest and easiest positive effort in this attention, if performed as an important activity of the daily life.

The process of performing daily Agnihotra, as described below, is very simple and easy, cheap and requires only a few minutes to perform. Yet it is very effective,simple and ben­eficial in all eventualities. Performance of the Yagna ( Agnihotra), is free from the barriers of nationality, caste, creed, religion, age or gender etc. Anyone who wants to be healthy, happy,fit and stress-free should start performing Agnihotra at the first available chances.

In the Balivaishva Agnihotra, before taking the meals in the morning and evening five tiny piece of fresh veg­etarian food are offered day to day. These offerings are made in the fire lit on the cow dung- cake kept in the copper pot (Kund) with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra. The accurate survey and systematic survey made by the Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan have shown that the physical health and psychological development of the members of the families, where Balivaishva is performed contiously is of exteremely  order. Generally, happy and help­ful atmosphere is found in such houses.

Other Agnihotra, which is exactly bring into harmony with the biological clock and the vital energy cycle has been studied by the ‘Institute for studies in Vedic Sci­ences’ located in  Akkalkot, (District Solapur) in Maharastra, India. This institute is acting as a network for classifying the experiences of people, who act Agnihotra on the basis of results get from time to time. The importent aspect of this Agnihotra are described below,

  • Biological Clocks and Agnihotra Timings:

On our planet Sunrise and Sunset are the two most important transitional epochs of day.They apply amazing im­pact on living organisms. During these periods, changes of great consequence take place in the ecosphere which cause vital impact on life and environment. Synchronis­ing act of Agnihotra with these activated time results in draw attention a stream of vital, life sustaining energies of the solar system.

The daily variation in the body temperature and cells, heart rate and blood pressure have been found associated with these exact time. The science of Yoga and Nadi system too has been noticed to be greatly influenced by these planetary transitional brief time period. The breathing patterns naturally undergo drastic changes. These physical changes and re-adaptation have great impact on the psy­chosomatic makeup of human beings. Hence the proc­ess of Agnihotra which go along with them plays an main role in harmonizing the natural processing of human mind and body.

The suitable effect of sunrise Agnihotra sustains the atmosphere till sunset and the sunset Agnihotra sustains the atmosphere till the sunrise. In this manner, an unend­ing and active ‘healing cycle’ is settled in the houses where this Agnihotra, is performed every day.

 (ii) Cow dung Cake:

Importance and medicinal features of cow-products have been known since time immemorial and forms a part of every day usage. Cow dung includes plenty of menthol, ammonia, phenol, in dole compounds, formalin and its eradicates the pathogenic micro-organisms.

Fresh new cow dung possesses medicinal and healing properties. It has been prooved fact that tremendous active beneficial qualities are inherent in the cow dung cake and in the fumes that emanates after burning it. Some Russian scientists have noticed even anti-traditional qualities of cow dung.

(iii) Offerings:

Two offerings of solid raw rice smeared with cow’s pure ghee are offered during each Agnihotra. According to Ayurveda, Cow’s ghee is a tonic and a cardiac substance that invigorates. The stimulant gases produced by the burning of cow’s pure ghee act in balancing the cycle of nature. Cow’s pure ghee finishe all pathogenic bacteria and works efficiently in purification of the atmosphere making it sufficiently fit for humanity, plants and the life cycle on earth.

 (A) Performing the Sunrise Agnihotra:

  • Fire preparation:

the Sunrise, arrange pieces of dry cow dung cakes in the Agnihotra pot before about 5 to 10 minutes. First take a tiny piece of cow-dung cake and place it at the last of the pot. Now  on the bottom piece put Guggal or camphor or cotton wick duly soaked in cow’s ghee. Then start arranging the pieces of cow dung cake around it clean leaving a little empty space in the middle to put the offer­ing. Use a match stick to light the fire. If necessary, use the fan so that all pieces are fully on fire.

  • Material:

On the palm of your left hand  take two pinchful of clean,solid rice grains or in a small dish. Smear these rice grains with a lilttle bit of cow’s pure ghee.Break ghee smeared rice grains into two parts.

  • Morning Agnihotra:

At the time of sunrise, utter first Mantra Suryaya Swaha, and offer one part of the rice grains to the fire with the word Swaha and recite ‘Idam Suryaya Idam Na Mama’ to finish the first oblation. Offer other part of the rice grains to the fire after saying ‘Prajapataye Swaha’ and finish it by uttering ‘Idam Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’. Concentrate on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. The morning Agnihotra is thus finished.

(B) Sunset Agnihotra:

Before sunset clear away very carefully the morning Agnihotra’s ash from the pot and put it in a bag or box particularly kept aside for it. Repeat the process 1 and 2 of the morning Agnihotra.

At sunset time, read out Agnaye Swaha, and offer the first part of the rice grains directly with the word ‘Swaha’ and utter ‘Idam Prajapataye Idam Na Mama’. think about closely on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. This finishe  the evening Agnihotra.





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