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Cosmic Meditation

The Technique of Cosmic Meditation represents a revival in the understanding of how simple and effective meditation can be. The Cosmic Meditation technique is the natural procedure for allowing the mind to gain a state of maximum strength and clarity while the body settles into deep rest. The physiological changes which accompany this state of restful alertness account for the wide range of immediate and cumulative benefits of Cosmic Meditation program.

Though the Cosmic Meditation technique is enjoyable to do, people do not practice it for the experience of meditation but rather for the benefits in daily life. For maximum results, a person practices the Cosmic Meditation technique for about 25 minutes in the morning and again in the early evening before dinner.

How does one learn the art of Cosmic Meditation?

We have designed a seven steps course, standard throughout the world, for learning the cosmic meditation technique. The course begins with two introductory lectures.

The First explains the general benefits of the Cosmic Meditation program and the Second gives an overview of how the technique works.

The third step is a personal interview with a Cosmic Meditation instructor. If a person decides to learn the technique after hearing the lectures, he must complete a one – page application form which becomes the basis of the interview.

The next step in learning is personal instruction.  In this step, an instructor teaches how to do this cosmic meditation in detail.

From this fourth step on, as the new meditator begins practising the Cosmic Meditation technique on his own for 15 to 25 minutes morning and evening, he also begins enjoying the benefits of the program.

The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh steps of the course are on the three days following the day of personal instruction.

Once a person completes this seven step course, he is capable of enjoying all the benefits of Cosmic Meditation benefits.

The Cosmic Meditation Technique, Concentration, and Contemplation

Most meditation techniques other than the Cosmic Meditation technique fall into two categories: concentration and contemplation. Concentration techniques, nearly endless in variety, are all those which involves an effort to focus the mind on a particular thought, sensation, image, part of the body, or other objects of experience. Typical concentration technique requires that a person count his breaths, staring at a candle flame, maintain an image of light in the mind’s eye or a sweet taste in the mouth, hold a particular thought in the mind, or try to make the mind blank. Concentration techniques waste energy in controlling and focusing mental activity, thereby increasing stress and strain, whereas the Cosmic Meditation technique requires no effect either to control, direct or focus the mind. A distinguishing mark of concentration techniques is the requirement to push random thoughts out of the mind and hold the mind on the object of concentration whenever the mind tends to wander. When learning the Cosmic Meditation technique, a person discovers that a wandering mind and random thoughts are natural, and controlling the mind in such an unnatural manner is incorrect Cosmic Meditation practice.

Contemplative techniques comprise the second principle category of meditation methods other than the Cosmic Meditation technique. When most Westerners describe what they believe meditation to be, they describe the contemplative process. Contemplation involves thinking about an important idea or question in a free and unconstrained manner.

Cosmic Meditation – Essence of Yoga

The Key Success in any enterprise is epitomized by Lord Krishna ‘s advice to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita: “Established in Yoga, perform an action, ” for “Yoga is a skill in action.” The word “Yoga” means “Union”, the Union of outer, ever-changing, seeking nature of mind with the inner source of thought, Being, defined as a field of bliss consciousness. Established in Yoga means that this state of the union is permanent, that the mind is permanently attuned to that inner richness, never out of touch with its own essential nature.

Why is this called “Skill in Action”? We liken the practice of Cosmic Meditation to pulling an arrow back on a bow- a process that, with a minimum expenditure of energy, sends the arrow flying forward with maximum force. Cosmic Meditation, by bringing the mind to the state of restful alertness, allows the individual to live a life most efficiently and skillfully, utilizing his maximum potential. He finds that he can do less, expend less energy and yet accomplish more.

The need for a Teacher

Each person learns the Cosmic Meditation Technique at his or her own pace. Instruction in the technique is entirely experience based, meaning that each succeeding step of instruction is tailored to each step of the person’s experience in learning, Initial experiences during first stages of learning Cosmic Meditation techniques vary widely from person to person; therefore, instruction must vary widely from person to person.  When a person takes the initial Cosmic Meditation course, he learns the Cosmic Meditation, but he does not learn how to show others the proper way to handle all experience that arises when first learning the technique.

Consequently, the initial Cosmic Meditation course no more qualifies a person to teach the technique than a few psychotherapy sessions qualify a person as a psychotherapist.

 How can one do this at home?

After learning Cosmic Meditation technique properly from Instructor, a person can easily do this meditation regularly for 20 minutes, two times, every day in the home.  No need to change Food Habits, Life Style and any religious belief.

The Cosmic Meditation Technique –

The Cosmic Meditation technique is taught in a standard seven-step course, which includes public lectures, private instruction and group seminars. At each step of instruction, new knowledge is presented to provide a clear understanding of your growing experience.

Step 1: Introductory Lecture— A vision of all possibilities through the Cosmic Meditation program (1 hour)

Step 2: Preparatory Lecture—The mechanics and origin of the Cosmic Meditation technique (1 hour)

Step 3: Personal Interview—Interview with a qualified teacher of the Cosmic Meditation program right after the Preparatory Lecture (10-15 minutes)

Step 4: Personal Instruction—Learning the Cosmic Meditation technique (1-2 hours)

Step 5: First Day of Checking—Verifying the correctness of the practice and further instruction (1-2 hours)

Step 6: Second Day of Checking—Understanding the mechanics of the Cosmic Meditation technique from personal experiences (1-2 hours)

Step 7: Third Day of Checking—Understanding the mechanics of the development of higher states of consciousness (1-2 hours)

This seven-step programme is sufficient to establish everyone in the correct understanding and practice of the Cosmic Meditation Technique.

After this, one only needs about 15 to 20 minutes of the Cosmic Meditation Technique in the morning and evening.

Periodic verification of experience is encouraged to ensure that maximum results are being gained at all times.

Although it only takes a few days to actually learn the technique, the programme continues, offering the opportunity to enjoy group meetings and advanced lectures for those who wish to take advantage of them.

Cosmic Meditation Program & Its Benefits

  1. Cosmic Meditation is as old as time. It was introduced by Adi Yogi Lord Shiva, from the Vedic Tradition of India, the most ancient tradition of Total Ancient Knowledge on earth.
  2. Cosmic Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless mental procedure which takes the mind to deeper levels of the thinking process until the conscious mind arrives at the source of thought, the field of pure consciousness—Cosmic Consciousness, Bliss Consciousness.
  3. This process can be likened to a river which naturally and effortlessly flows into the ocean and gains the status of the ocean.
  4. Cosmic Meditation is practised for twenty to thirty minutes in the morning and evening while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It dissolves deep stress in body and mind and opens to our awareness a new experience of a relaxed life that is more alert, more creative, and more fulfilling.
  5. Cosmic Meditation is a programme to unfold the full potential of life. It is the most direct way for the fulfilment of the supreme philosophy of life, where the individual lives life in full enlightenment, and where the individual breathes life in Cosmic Reality. It is universally applicable for the well-being of the individual and society as a whole.



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