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Best Astrologer in Bangalore

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Best Astrologer in Bangalore – Vinayak Bhatt

Bangalore is the IT hub of our country, India. People from all parts of country work and live in Bangalore. And in the city abundant of advancement and technology, Vinayak Bhatt is one of the Best Astrologer in Bangalore. He has made his identity in the field of Vedic Astrology with his in-depth research works in astrological sciences. He has helped to cure many problems through astrology which lie unsolved or cured by medical sciences.

best astrologer in bangalore
Best Astrologer in Bangalore

About Good and Reliable Astrologer in Bangalore- Vinayak Bhatt

Vinayak Bhatt has been an avid reader and researcher for over past many decades. His family is a well known as stalwarts in the Indian astrology and his guru, his father Pt. Bheemsen Bhatt is celebrated jyotshi known to be as the Best Astrologer in Bangalore and the world. He has been practicing astrology for past 20 years and has cured much Vedic dosh. People from different countries and all around the world look up to him for correct and useful recommendations. Be it, Manglik Dosh or Pitra Dosh, the suggestion of gemstones or any other query, Vinayak Bhatt promises to solve all your queries and worries with astrological sciences.

He is highly professional in the field of Vedic astrology and is known as the Best Astrologer in Bangalore for his in-depth research works. He has done public research in Vedic Astrology as an expression in Consciousness and on Vedic Science of Yagya as the healing technique. He has also known for suggesting most accurate and advanced method of choosing Gemstones and their Effects on Human Physiology and Consciousness. These researchers have been widely applauded by experts from all around the world and have made him the Astrologer in Bangalore and the world.

Astrology Effects on Human Life’s

Planets can have adverse effects on your life. Their position and strength vary in the horoscope that causes trauma in person’s life. We are totally unaware of the signs and effects of planets in our horoscope and avoid these things; this might prove to be disastrous for a person and cause financial as well as personal loss. Vinayak Bhatt has expertise in the field of reading horoscopes and has assessed around 20,000 horoscopes till date and thus regarded as the Top Astrologer in Bangalore city. He promises to strength your planets and life by suggesting necessary and required remedies with his knowledge and skills in astrology.

Contact Best Astrologer Bangalore- Vinayak Bhatt

Contact for Astrology Consultation : Online/ Telephonic/ Personal Meetings by the Best astrologer in Bangalore.

Phone: +91-9899383340



He will guide you the best of his knowledge for achieving maximum success in your life.

Know answers to following questions: – Timing of disease and Timing of surgery, Transits, Type of diseases, Accidents & Accidental deaths.

Know your answers to:-Timing of getting a job, No job or obstacles in career, Change in job/business, Timing the change of job, etc.

Know answers to question related to:-Timing of Marriage, Love affairs & Sexual relationships, combinations, Love Marriage, etc.

Litigation Analysis

Know answers to following questions:- Timing of Litigation, Outcome of Litigation, Imprisonment, Possible causes of imprisonment etc.

Purchase of Property

Know your answers to:-Combination & Timing of purchase of property Purchase through Loan, Purchase in Installments etc.

Purchase of Vehicle

Combination & Timing of purchase of vehicles, Purchase through loan, Gift of vehicle, Color of vehicle, etc..

Inclination for Education, Success in exams and Intelligence level, Success in Competition Exams & Interviews, etc.

Travel Analysis

Know your answers to:-Condition & place of Visit, Transits, Settling Abroad, Coming back to the Motherland, etc.

Progeny Analysis

Timing of conceive of child (in case of horoscope of the couple, female horoscope is a must), Pregnancy periods & Miscarriages, etc

Astrological Consultation by Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt You can have a question haunting you from long time, just ask your question from us

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Avail this divine science to know about your future From Best Astrologer in Bangalore

Fate is written in heaven, they say. But is there a way to alter the bad that may have dawned upon you? Or change how everything is moving? Yes, there is! With the services of Mr. Vinayak Bhatt, you can get help easily.

A succession of south indian dynasties, the western gangas, the cholas and the hoysalas, ruled the prevailing vicinity of Best Astrologer in Bangalore till in 1537 ce, kempé gowdā – a feudal ruler underneath the vijayanagara empire – installed a mud fortress considered to be the muse of current Best Astrologer in Bangalore. in 1638, the marāthās conquered and dominated Best Astrologer in Bangalore for almost 50 years, after which the mughals captured and bought the city to the mysore kingdom of the wadiyar dynasty. it emerge as captured by the british after victory within the fourth anglo-mysore battle (1799), who again administrative manipulate of the metropolis to the maharaja of mysore. the vintage city advanced inside the dominions of the maharaja of mysore and become made capital of the princely kingdom of mysore, which existed as a nominally sovereign entity of the british raj. in 1809, the british shifted their cantonment to Best Astrologer in Bangalore, out of doors the antique metropolis, and a city grew up spherical it, which changed into governed as part of british india. following india’s independence in 1947, Best Astrologer in Bangalore have emerge as the capital of mysore country, and remained capital while the new indian state of karnataka emerge as shaped in 1956. the 2 town settlements of Best Astrologer in Bangalore – city and cantonment – which had evolved as unbiased entities merged proper into a unmarried metropolis centre in 1949. the present kannada name, bengalūru, was declared the respectable call of the metropolis in 2006.

Best Astrologer in Bangalore is every so often known as the “silicon valley of india” (or “it capital of india”) due to its position because the dominion’s main records era (it) exporter. indian technological groups isro, infosys, wipro and hal are based in the town. a demographically numerous city, Best Astrologer in Bangalore is the second one quickest-growing fundamental town in india. it’s miles home to many academic and studies establishments in india, which include indian institute of technology (iisc), indian institute of control (Best Astrologer in Bangalore) (iimb), country wide institute of style technology, Best Astrologer in Bangalore, country wide institute of format, Best Astrologer in Bangalore (nid r&d campus), country wide regulation college of india college (nlsiu) and national institute of mental health and neurosciences (nimhans). severa kingdom-owned aerospace and defence businesses, together with bharat electronics, hindustan aeronautics and national aerospace laboratories are positioned in the town. the town moreover homes the kannada film enterprise.

Bangalore lies within the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. it’s far within the coronary heart of the Mysore Plateau (a vicinity of the larger Precambrian Deccan Plateau) at an average elevation of 900 m (2,953 feet). it is positioned at 12.97°N 77.56°E and covers a place of 741 km2 (286 squaremi).the majority of the city of Astrologer in Bangalore lies inside the Astrologer in Bangalore urban district of Karnataka and the surrounding rural areas are a part of the Astrologer in Bangalore Rural district. The government of Karnataka has carved out the brand new district of Ramanagara from the old Astrologer in Bangalore Rural district

The topology of Astrologer in Bangalore is typically flat, though the western elements of the town are hilly. the very best point is VidyaranyapuraDoddabettahalli, that’s 962 metres (three,156 ft) and is situated to the north-west of the town. No most important rivers run thru the town, even though the Arkavathi and South Pennar go paths on the Nandi Hills, 60 kilometres (37 miles) to the north. River Vrishabhavathi, a minor tributary of the Arkavathi, arises in the metropolis at Basavanagudi and flows through the city. The rivers Arkavathi and Vrishabhavathi together deliver a great deal of Astrologer in Bangalore’s sewage. A sewerage gadget, constructed in 1922, covers 215 km2 (83 sq.mi) of the town and connects with 5 sewage treatment centres placed within the outer edge of Astrologer in Bangalore.

Astrologer in Bangalore receives 800 million litres (211 million US gallons) of water an afternoon, extra than any other Indian town. however, Astrologer in Bangalore every now and then does face water shortages, specially during summer time- extra so in the years of low rainfall. A random sampling have a look at of the Air first-class Index (AQI) of twenty stations within the town indicated rankings that ranged from seventy six to 314, suggesting heavy to extreme air pollutants round areas of traffic awareness.

Astrologer in Bangalore has a handful of freshwater lakes and water tanks, the most important of which might be Madivala tank, Hebbal lake, Ulsoor lake, Yediyur Lake and Sankey Tank. Groundwater happens in silty to sandy layers of the alluvial sediments. The Peninsular Gneissic complex (%) is the maximum dominant rock unit inside the area and includes granites, gneisses and migmatites, at the same time as the soils of Astrologer in Bangalore consist of red laterite and crimson, first-class loamy to clayey soils.

flora in the town is usually in the shape of huge deciduous cover and minority coconut timber. although Astrologer in Bangalore has been categorized as a part of the seismic sector II (a solid area), it has skilled quakes of importance as excessive as 4.5.

Authentic Astrological Consultation

Practiced Vedic astrology for over 25 years & following traditions from last 3 generations.

  • Advised and consulted on various subjects suchas:Career,Marriage,Health 
  • Our Time tested remedial measures to counter all ill effects of planetinclude:– 1.Gemstone. 2.Yagya
  • Analyzed over 5000+ horoscopes.Maintained a database of all the horoscopes and predictions to track performance.



In case you need help while placing this order, Contact. +91-9899383340

Got Solution of my Business problem through Best Astrology Consultation
Best Astrologer in Bangalore provides Accurate Predictions
Best Astrologer in Bangalore provides Accurate Predictions

“Hello people! I am VivekPriya Bangalore, India. I was a well settled and my business was going smooth. But about two years ago, I had succumbed to sudden loss in my business with no actual main reasons. I consulted by vinayak bhatt. He advised some astrology based measures for sorting things. His Astrological solutions with respect to financial and corporate astrology which actually helped me out.His astrological solutions has helped me in boosting my business profitability. Today, I am here to give my testimonial, that I regained the lost position in my business and metal peace .I am so much grateful to VedicGrace Foundation.”

Best Career Astrologer in Bangalore
Best Career Astrologer in Bangalore
Best Career Astrologer in Bangalore


I am Ankit Bhardwaj.I consult vedicgrace for my career. I was working from last 13 year successfully in MNC ,and from last couple of years ,i am not getting promotion and good hike in salary, which is now directly impacting on my financial condition. I consultant vedicgrace and they suggested some cure after study my horoscope. now I am working as VP Finance in MNC with happy family life, Thank you Vedicgrace, you are doing excellent work for community

Authentic Astrologer in Bangalore
Authentic Astrologer in Bangalore
Authentic Astrologer in Bangalore


Vinayak Bhatt ji…is authentic astrologer whose predictions are accurate and having vast knowledge about Vedic astrology…people looking for genuine and authentic astrologer can approach him….

His astrology works are in astrology many kinds of astrology system are there and definitely has been a significant change in the types of articles and books that are being published recently and the kind of exploratory work that is being done in astrology.

Vinayak Bhatt having Great Ancient Vedic Astrology Knowledge
Vinayak Bhatt having Great Ancient Vedic Astrology Knowledge
Vinayak Bhatt having Great Ancient Vedic Astrology Knowledge

Hello Guys,

I counsulted astrologer vinayak bhatt for my professinal problem, i feel very confident and satisfied with his services and he also teach me his result oriented meditation technique.

I am also very thankful to his team for Durga saptashati Yagya.

Vedicgrace Foundation

Most Trusted Astrologer
Most Trusted Astrologer

My son completed his graduation and was looking out for a job for a long time. Unfortunately, he did not meet with success anywhere. He tried for nearly four years, and all of us got very frustrated and worried. We then consulted Vinayak Bhatt. He advised my son to stop looking for a job. He advised him to start his own enterprise, and also told him very specifically in what city and what date he should start. He began the small enterprise after a puja that Vinayak Bhatt asked him to do. It is now two years since he started, and the business is doing quite well. My son who was unemployed, now employs 12 people himself!

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